About 4.5 meters, both ends of the fixator

Cikuan trailer rope is long, wide reinforced the 5 tons of reinforced, The market average is 3.5 meters long.

Go traffic, will inevitably encounter problems when the car, or a night on the highway car suddenly broke down. . .
At this point, you will need to tow the car off the anchor tow rope site licensing legislation thickening type trailer with optional reinforcement material for a 5-ton capacity, and after special treatment process, to prevent and reduce the vibration of the trailer when the two workshops, Interlocking steel hooks forging stronger security, and prevent the trailer when the hooks off, the selection of bright yellow color is particularly striking, when you add a sub-night emergency safety.

? High-strength polyester: a model from the imported Loom woven, dyed, high temperature drying, ironing and other production from multi-channel program.
? reinforced cast locking hook stronger security, and prevent the trailer when the hooks off / break (nominal tonnage of).
? easier for you to place the car off the anchor.
? Do not exceed the approved tonnage of use.

1, the trailer, by special process dealing with tow rope, to prevent and reduce the trailer when the vibration between the two vehicles.
2, locking hooks forging stronger security, and prevent the trailer when the hooks off.
3, so you can place the car off the anchor.
4 Do not use more than the tonnage approved.

1, not exceeding the prescribed load use;
2, can not drag on rough surfaces;
3, can not repair the structural damage to the towing use;
4, the trailer should be stretched slowly drag, can not drag and drop rapidly;
5, should be inspected regularly to ensure the normal use of towing.



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