Circuit and short circuit cable fault testing

 Wire and cable manufacturers have encountered the phenomenon of open or shorted wires, which do quality testing situation on the business sector is headache. Some companies have cable fault detection instrument, and some did not use the existing equipment needs to the point of failure to find a simple method of calculation applied here introducing the wire and cable fault calculation method, although in previous reports on booster cable seen here is also made We find the break and short ideas.
Circuit: capacitance method L = UX * S / P, (L to break away, S for the cable length; UX work disconnection capacitance measurement). This method measurement results with the actual break point gap between the very large waste of resources.
Short break: Calculating resistance that is L = A * S / (A + B), (L to break away, S for the cable length; A, B-side short-line measurement of resistance) that is now the most cable companies effective method but there is also resistance measurement accuracy problems.
Through continuous analysis and summary of the accident, we found that the performance of wire circuit has a clear rule that local telephone lines, in pairs or groups of electrical wiring. We measured the open circuit capacitance larger than normal single-wire capacitance, while the normal line of little change in the capacitance is very close to open circuit capacitance is large it is inevitable, whether we measure is the A side or B side are measured and to the normal line or right, so there is not only a pair of there and in other lines on the coupling capacitors.



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