Used batteries with modified adjustable battery clip

We find two waste batteries (and need the same type battery clamps, with the specification), the negative class (commonly known as the tail) end of the leak-proof disc removed, with the nails in Figure 4-35 (a) shows a bar f2.5mm hole about three to uniform distribution, and edges fell off, and then penetrate rubber band, asking the two inserts, convex in one direction. Chip in a folder and then solder a wire (f1.5mm or so) made the spring, welding on the black line; in another clip on the red line on the welding, so that a simple battery made a folder on. As the rubber band elastic, so the battery clip can be installed 1 to 3 batteries. If you would also like to install several batteries, so much connected with the trunk and a few rubber bands can play. More easily because of the battery loose, be guided by the book describes the "thin film recording restructuring battery tube" method to produce a battery tube. If can not find the film records, can also be a heavy bond paper roll up the battery for a simple battery barrel.




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