Steel wire tow rope

No matter what level of car on the road will inevitably have problems. If the car is out of the road can not move forward, as long as the steering or braking system is not out of the big problems, could find themselves dragged back to a car first and then repair.
Tow rope tied to one end of the first car rear axle plate of the front, the other end tied to the front of the car after the suspension following the central location as close to the vehicle, two vehicles should be a few meters apart. Tow rope in the middle of the best lines as the identification marking a handkerchief.
Trailer, experienced drivers should open the back of the car, because the back of the car difficult to control, a little negligence or improper operation, there may be pressure on the tow rope, or turn to, however, rear-ended accident occurred.
When the trailer started, because the burden of a car more than the weight of the first car to be more fuel to increase engine speed, then slowly ease the clutch pedal, let the rope taut after the start. Moving well to control the speed of traffic very well and do not even high speed.
Change the current car stalls, the trailer will follow loose rope look. At this point, do not tow the car brakes. Otherwise, the former vehicle refueling, tighten the tow rope will suddenly feel the impact. Only when the rope dropped to the ground in an instant, to lightly step on the brakes.
When going downhill if the ramp is long, string solution can be down, slide down to two cars were so very safe; If the ramp is not long, you can hang a rope down the slope, not easy to step on the brake before the car, then cars can light step on the brake, let the rope always tighten.
To stop at the intersection when the light before the first step on a few car brakes, to rear a signal, then step on the brake after the car, two cars stopped. Turn, must pay attention around the circle, try to tighten the rope so as not dangerous.



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