PV difference between cable and regular cable

PV cable often exposed to sunlight, solar energy systems are often used in harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperature and ultraviolet radiation. In Europe, a clear day solar system, the scene will lead to temperatures as high as 100 C. At present, we can use the materials are PVC, rubber, TPE and high-quality cross-linked material, but unfortunately, the rated temperature of 90 C the rubber cable, there is even the rated temperature of 70 C for PVC booster cable is often used outdoors, Golden Sun works frequently launched the current state, there are many contractors in order to save costs, do not choose to solar system-specific lines, choosing instead to replace the ordinary photovoltaic cable pvc cable, obviously, this will greatly affect the life of the system.

PV cable is characterized by its special insulating material and cable jacket material decisions, we call the cross-linked PE, after irradiation after irradiation accelerator, cable material will change the molecular structure to provide aspects of performance.

In fact, during the installation and maintenance, cable sharp edge of the roof structure wiring, and cables subject to pressure, bending, tension, cross-tensile load and impact strength. If the cable jacket not strong enough, the cable insulation will be seriously damaged, affecting the life of the cable, or cause a short circuit, fire and personal injury risk and other problems.

The radiation cross-linked material, with high mechanical strength. Cross-linked polymer technology has changed the chemical structure, melting of thermoplastic materials can be converted for non-fusible elastomer material, cross-linked radiation significantly improved the booster cable insulation material The thermal characteristics, mechanical properties and chemical properties.


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