Car travel car emergency tools necessary List

Automotive increasingly become the daily means of transport, go out driving, car will inevitably encounter problems when, for instance, broke down, run out of battery power, and a flat tire and so on. This time the owner will need to have a fully equipped emergency kit utility. Then the emergency kit need any tools?

Complete car emergency tools include: collapsible reflective warning signs, nylon tow rope, take power over FireWire, inverter, cotton work gloves, multifunction flashlight, car fuse, to avoid demolition of tire tools, waterproof tape, insulation tape , fire extinguishers, playing an indispensable tool for air pump 11.

1, foldable reflective warning signs

This foldable reflective warning signs are very useful, in your car defects need to stop checking the time, take it on the car 50 meters behind the outside, remind passers-by slow down in advance. At the same time, not when the warning signs on foldable car will not take up much space.

2, nylon tow rope

To prepare a 3-ton weight at least drag the trailer with the car, so when the car broke down easy towing.

Third, take power over firing

Car radio does not start, the use of its vehicles through another battery to start. Bold's battery start line, the maximum through current 200AMP, usually for emission within the 2500cc displacement at 2000cc petrol engine or diesel engine within the battery between uses.

Use the process to note:

Two cars can not have any contact with the two cars have the same voltage electronic systems required.

If the battery had frozen, you can not take the line of fire was started using the battery.

Before connecting, two car engine, stereo, air conditioning are required to switch off.



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