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There are many wires in the market variety, according to their electricity load to use the appropriate booster cable. Market, selling cheap, some expensive, some wires, some people tend to choose cheaper, but, cheap wire, frequently, many fail to note, as his performance, this may put them at a lot of security risks. Wire is not very high technological content of production, raw materials, there is not much difference, if too cheap, or is cutting corners, or that the number does not give enough. How to buy it like that? For everyone to speak several optional methods:

1, surface marker wire

According to national standard, the surface should wire manufacturer name, product type and rated voltage of the continuous symbol. This will help the process of using the wire when there are problems in time to find manufacturers, consumers must bear this in mind when wiring.

At the same time consumers in the purchase certificate on the wire should pay attention to manufacturer name indicated, the product type, rated voltage and wire marks are the same printing surface, to prevent counterfeit products.

2, cable look

Consumers of booster cable wires should pay attention to the appearance should be smooth, without damage to insulation and jacket layers, signs of clear printing, when the hands touch the wire and no greasy feeling. From the wire cross-section view, the entire circumference of the wire insulation or sheath thickness should be uniform, not partial core, insulation or jacket should have a certain thickness.




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