Simple self-help vehicle breakdown

Let us first is that the trailer, the trailer is more common fault handling, if the suburbs or farther away from the pit where we encountered a failure in the braking system the engine not start but still can work the case, you can find a vehicles crossing the car or your friends to help the car towed back to the urban areas, the question then arises, trailers, trailer hook it where?

For aesthetic and safety Kaolv, Xianzai cars were usually the trailer with the Yin Cang Shi hook design, Zhegedajia all know, in general Ju Dou Hui before there can open the rear of a small shield, Zai has not been used before, have a lot of Ren take it for granted that the baffle is inside the trailer hook up, hang up when the tow rope with like, but wait until you actually use, you are likely to be dumbfounded.

That trailer hook Where? I remember when we started the tools you let everyone guess which one is the trailer hook, there is now no longer an increasing number of cars in the car body welding trailer hook, but reserved the thread through the interface to the fixed trailer hook, This approach greatly facilitates the design of the trailer hook and rope connections, no longer lying on the floor or bent over a fixed rope, and use them more flexible and convenient. More importantly, this design can avoid the collision of hard metal trailer hook caused security problems.

There are tow rope problem, there is a lot of tow rope sales, but many of them are substandard, the road safety law, traction fault carUse a soft link traction device, tractor and being the distance between the tractor should be greater than 4 meters in less than 10 meters. That is, the length of the rope tow at least 4 meters, 3.5 meters of tow ropes that are substandard. If emergency get the rope, then the length to ensure not only but also ensuring the strength of the rope, nylon rope better.



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