How to extend the service life of cables

How to extend the service life of cables has become an important research topic.
Halogen-core cable is a high level of performance, manufacturing difficult and special booster cables, even if the imported product, in the application process also exposed the many problems, some even very serious problem. How to solve these problems can not be avoided.

Too much emphasis on material of halogen flame retardant cable is the result of cable products to the main crux of the above. Can be considered low smoke and low halogen flame retardant materials to produce nuclear power stations special cable, which is the cable industry workers can explore an idea. This can reduce the cable material was difficult to design, can make the production process easier to achieve, product quality will be more reliable in practical applications will be more secure.

Conclusion nuclear power plant cable materials must have low smoke zero halogen flame retardant performance, and have nuclear power inherent in the work environment required environmental resistance.

Performance of nuclear grade booster cable is a high level of technical difficulty of manufacturing large variety of cables, the current production technology is not fully mature yet to be discussed more in-depth research.



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