BIPV Component Technology

 Photovoltaic solar cell laminated glass is two layers of glass caught in the middle of them through the film closely with internal and external layer of glass bonded together with amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon laminated glass laminated glass two. Currently, the traditional packaging materials with crystalline silicon PV modules because of its bond strength, security, light transmission and other reasons, in used in BIPV (BIPV) is not satisfactory. Many well-known domestic companies have been trying to use the traditional process equipment processing line construction curtain wall components, but has not been found very satisfactory solution.

Changzhou Hill & Knowlton recently introduced new technology and equipment made of "double-glass crystal silicon PV modules." While ensuring that the technology to produce crystalline silicon PV modules through domestic 3C certification. The crystal silicon double Bolivian glass PV modules for the two intermediate complex with PVB film PV cells are composed of composite layers, cells are connected by wire series and parallel components together lead the whole side. The component structure: 3.2mm ultra-white glass +0.76 PVB + crystalline silicon cells +0.76 PVB (color) + tempered glass (3.2-6mm).

Person in charge, according to Hill & Knowlton, the cost of new technology close to the cost of the traditional components of process, but the new technology package by PVB polysilicon cell components in the BIPV safe to use, full compliance with the compulsory certification of domestic architectural curtain wall (3C certification), compared with amorphous silicon thin film battery clip components cheaper and conversion rate. Meanwhile, the second layer of PVB can be adjusted by a variety of colors to apply to the aesthetics of components for building a wide variety of choices.



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