A comprehensive inspection of vehicles and equipment

Before departure must be checked on the vehicle, including engine, chassis, brakes, cooling liquid surface, the proportion of surface and rechargeable batteries, tire pressure and tread, lighting, glass of water and spray pumps, wiper films and so careful detection and maintenance. In addition to experience some of the owners can travel ahead of DIY, the proposal is best to travel before the majority of owners dedicated to the maintenance shop to go, will you need to tell the maintenance of master, they will maintain for you the light of experience.

Vehicles necessary

Tire repair tools, portable play pump, wires, oil, tape, tow rope, jack, fire extinguishers, emergency medical kits and so should be an integral part of the toolbox. Should the car bogged down or fails, it can not find special circumstances, professional trailers, trailer rope out of the woods may become the owner of "straw" because the peer-car or a passing car to help pull a prerequisite tow rope is a must have.

In addition, GPS navigation, map although demand varies, but is also prepared and especially walking in the more remote mountain areas, which would be a good "helper."

Private equipment

Drinking water, food, clothing, matches, raincoats, tools and medicines such as cold medicine, stomach medicines, as well as cell phone chargers, toothpaste, towel, video equipment ... ... these private travel the length of line to decide, but the vehicle in allowed, only the more the better to be prepared for. Of course, including identity cards, driving license, driving permit, purchase tax card, vehicle and vessel usage tax certificate, certificate border (border region), vehicle insurance cards and other documents that must not be ignored.



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