The world's first wire cable , "experiential" museum opened

The world's first internationalWire & Cable"Experiential" Yixing Museum held a grand opening ceremony. 10:28 , Far East Science Center Building, colorful flags flying , the atmosphere warm , Yixing Municipal Committee , vice mayor of Zhong-Ping Zhou , Xi Gendi , deputy director of Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute , Gaocheng town mayor Wang Yijun , Yixing wire and cable industry Association Ruifu Bin , deputy President Yang Fei , etc. , the Far East Holding Group Chairman Jiang Xipei , CEO Zhang Xilan , Chief Financial Officer Du Jianping , Xu Haoran , senior vice president and senior executive director Zhou Dong Jiao , Yang Qiming , director of brand Ministry of Culture , Far Eastern University Vice-Chancellor in Haifa , etc. Attended the ceremony .
Opening ceremony presided over by the Zhangxi Lan , Yixing Municipal Committee , vice mayor of Zhongping speech , deputy director of Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Xigen Di delivered a message , the Group Chairman Jiang Xipei welcoming remarks . In the festive sound of firecrackers, Zhong-Ping Zhou and Xi Gendi international wire and cable for the opening ceremony of unveiling Experience Museum .
It is learned that the museum has collected more than a thousand kinds of wire and cable , the system demonstrated the world's wire and cableIndustryCourse of development . In the museum , the 19th century to 20th century Britain , the United States , France and other countries and our early production of the various lines of production , but also show the latest carbon fiber wire , magnetic lines , nuclear power cables and other high-end wire and cable . Wandering One , if opened a thick wire and cable history : from the physical development of wire and cable wire and cable products to the development of history; from early wire and cable and to build the most advanced cable technology, cutting-edge products ; from the wire and cable technology and equipment , To the wire and booster cables industry elite , to record the entire history of the development industry , vivid interpretation of the world and history of the development of Chinese wire and cable .
Far East has just completed an international wire and cable experiential museums, intact, the development process of wire and cable industry , the industry recorded winds of change , to become an ideal base for science education . And vigorously promote the culture , let more people know about booster cables , cable industry interest in the revitalization of wire and cable in China will play an active role in promoting . Meanwhile, as the first global internationalAppliance line cable experiential museum , the museum to experience the immersive way guided tour , its spectacular , unique display mode , to the visitors left a deep and unforgettable IndiaLike .





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