Summer ZiJiaYou necessary equipment

Music, snacks and drinking water is anybody before travel will ignore, but for first aid, gear such items may not many drivers will put their long-term car, actually these goods at a critical moment not only can help you out of danger, even can save lives.
Personal identification is ever ready to fly, but the vehicle to pay special attention to carry by driving car driving license and registration paper, use of vehicles, and pay fees, insurance company and documents of the telephone directory assistance company for a rainy day. And the thin blanket is not only can help you resist the cold nights in the garage, it can cushion in him. Finally, it is cold, expectorant and emergency medicine as a.
Emergency equipment
No matter how good car has happened, so the failure may be ready to a set of emergency repair equipment becomes necessary. QiYouTong, toolbox, tape, trailers, tow rope, pump, nothing less. The most disappointing outing is bad, so every time a car before ZiJiaYou must thoroughly check-up. Including the spare tire pressure is appropriate, the state is normal, the fire engine cooling fluid, whether ample, etc. In addition, also can give a car to a car inverter. Now people traveling often carry GPS, computers, cell phones and other electronic equipment, have the car inverter, where can guarantee the normal use of the equipment. Finally, if it is to compare remote regions should also prepare some travel fuel additive, in case the inferior gasoline engine damage.
Navigation equipment
In the far door must buy a destination, and Internet search accurate maps of the route, conditional word can make the best of his book. Road, Of course, if the abundant funds in the car on a global positioning satellite navigation system GPS is right choice. Generally speaking, we do not recommend you choose to travel, after all YeJing officially opened the tourist facilities, perfect but drive is to see and optional, so there's always someone consistently tried to open a new route themselves. This kind of circumstance should keep communications smooth, but also offer a compass and accurate maps of the region, occurs in case you get lost.






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