Saying tow rope

A misunderstanding is that if a multi- car travel , there is a tow rope on it. In fact, the best one for each car , hates few when goes rope to use .
Why not a tow rope ? A pull- off would be finished .
Also note : You can not use the auto supply store for those flat rope, face extinction , mop can also be really something stuck in the mud Chak , a pull on the break , is also furnished . Should be to the building supply store to buy a real nylon rope , is greater than 15 mm in diameter , is too crude a local account , at least 10 meters , the longer the better , but 15 meters is enough. This must be tied , sailor knot is commonly used , many introduced online play . Why learn to tie a knot ? Just any knot, as long as no release , can delay , but tighten up later, to untie the knot , playing not very difficult to become a " knot . " Sailor knot is easy to untie the knot pulled over .
Note : stuck in the mud in the car very difficult to pull , this tension may be several times that of car weight , so try to double up and pull , a number of trunk and a few , cut off also for a better way is to start Dorgan Pull together even more cars .
Why not use the auto supplies store flat rope ? First, pull a small flat rope , followed by broken up after the poor still harder . In addition to its expensive , you can show off their own level of consumption beyond , there is no any good.
Flat rope about 40-80 yuan / root, nylon rope around 1.5-2.0 yuan / m , with 2 dollars and 10 meters long 20.
Conclusion: The more money is not what is good, true things , not the decorations , must be skills-oriented .







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