Wrecker , a tow rope snapped every week

Jinshui weekend road traffic , such as weaving, busy as usual .
Zijin overpass in the second floor of mouth from various ramp into the car next to a car , line up around the island through the second floor . Just under the bridge came to Zhang Weidong , the hands of a tow rope after finishing tying , put into the motorcycle 's toolbox , and then choose between the two ramp I stood firm , keeping a close watch on the crowded island Traffic , where a slight congestion , it ran quickly to ease .
Situation like this , Zhang Weidong not remember how many times a day , since 2008 a team of traffic police in Zhengzhou since the establishment of PAT squadron , as squadron leader of the support bearing life , there is no concept of weekends .
Zhang Weidong particular importance on the hands of the rope tow , for a reason . Responsible for the payment of his water from the River West Medical east Central Plains Boulevard overpass this full 7.9 km of roads , traffic flow significantly . " cars are a little out a variety of issues , including the unexpected car trouble . " Once the vehicle suddenly " disease "bad on the road , it is easy to cause traffic jams . For this reason, PAT squadron of police on patrol at the same time , the car is equipped with tow rope , the event in the first instance of " sick car " off the golden waterway .
Just then, Zhang Weidong hand -phone rang in the new bridge through the second floor west , there are vehicles on the road can not be a bad start . Not have the slightest delay , Zhang Weidong, came to the rescue with a tow rope .
This is a silver-white private car , the driver said she drove from east to west traffic to a sudden extinction at this time . Seeing behind the white car waiting in a long convoy , Zhang Weidong, took out the trailer rope hanging in the white car in the drag link , the search for vehicles crossing the help of the white car towed Jinqiao hotel to wait for rescue . " This is the bright side this morning has to deal with 3 of the accident from a rescue . " Zhang Weidong said they tow rope with the frequency of use is very frequent, " snapped an almost weekly . "







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