All state insurance: How to " trailer "

No matter what kind of car on the road will inevitably encounter various problems. If the car can not be a bad way to move forward in how to do? Many people first thought is the trailer , the trailer can you know how it? How to do it right trailer ?
Must first be clear , if it is the fault of ordinary car rescue vehicles, primarily for manual fault car models , if it is automatic transmission model , the general should not be dragged along , the best experience, please rescue the company with professional treatment . In compelling circumstances trailer itself , will have to lift driving wheel , and the stalls in neutral gear and set mileage not more than 50 km.
There are two general tool trailer : trailer tow rope and pole . Both from a security point of view or from the use of results , the trailer is the best choice bar . When the two cars to tow rod rigid connection , excessive traction or the vehicle in front brakes , the tractor can effectively avoid the collision by the vehicle in front . In particular, the vehicles are tractor brake problems, it is hard to use the trailer bar .
Trailer, must first confirm that the two vehicles a solid connection , while ensuring that the two vehicles over five meters apart and used in eye-catching color trailer tool or tools in the trailer hanging colored cloth . Night with a trailer to make full use of reflective materials, trailer tool . Tools before and after the vehicle in the same side of the trailer to be linked to the installation location , such as fault car for the left hook , then the tractor should be selected on the left hook , straight after to ensure road traffic .
Trailer, experienced drivers should open the back of cars, trailers and more burden to start due to the weight of a car , the first car to be more fuel to increase engine speed , then slowly ease the clutch pedal , let the rope taut and then Start . Do not drive at high speed and the vehicle must be open before and after the double flash warning lights along the outermost lane .
Change the current car stalls , the trailer will follow loose rope look . At this point, do not tow the car brakes . Otherwise , the former vehicle refueling , tighten the tow rope will suddenly feel the impact . Only when the rope dropped to the ground in a flash , only light braking . When going downhill if the ramp is long, string solution can be down, slide down to two cars were so very safe ; If the ramp is not long , you can hang a rope down the slope , not easy to step on the brake before the car , then cars can Light step on the brake , let the rope always tighten . To stop at the intersection when the light before the first step on a few car brakes, to rear a signal , then step on the brake after the car , two cars stopped . Turn, must pay attention around the circle , try to tighten the rope , it will not be dangerous.
In addition, the trailer will have a marked rope packing maximum traction weight , so if the towed vehicle heavier , and their tow rope they can not determine whether the burden on car owners do not take risks at this time to act , to wait for professional rescuers to come to the rescue trailer .
All state Insurance Tips: "Sometimes when patients no " to share the trailer experience , I hope you do not have access forever , but with this knowledge , you will be prepared for future travel .








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