A week before public sentiment log review district garbage heap two mountain clarified in March

Fuzhou south riverside scenery district (royal jiangwan, bottle, sand, brick pavement such rubbish as blocked, mottling life rubbish also emits unpleasant odor. China reported, residential property after cleaning, sent to foreign nations to spot check yesterday, sidewalks rubbish has been cleaned. JiangGongQing sets in fuzhou garden district, 17, the road traffic in the water table when jehu was transformation eviscerate, now just fill in sand, use cement. Yesterday afternoon, the gentiles to return, see here already paved roads. The store said, there appear next to the construction workers.
Fuzhou train station blessing gorge road northward direction, a more than 100 meters XunJing cover. Yesterday, when people visit foreign nations li said, China is sent after the related departments to fill up the new.
Fuzhou YangQiao opposite, a new car hit by cement lamp, always lolling7), a safety hazard. Residents said yesterday, Simon, appear on the seat and community, sent to remove the lamp.
FuXin fuzhou road intersection,  booster cables, many vehicles sank after will "jump", a safety hazard. Yesterday afternoon, the gentiles, that when the return relevant departments have repaired the subsidence of cable.









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