Learning to see the trailer

The 21st century, advanced equipment installed on the car more and more , but even in the modern automotive technology into the high level of today, there is no guarantee when the vehicle is not failure . Some cases, the vehicle failure or accident can not normally need to be moving on trailers . Most of the time driving in the city rarely come into contact with the owner of the trailer emergency safety measures , if improper operation , is likely to make a trailer for security reasons have been caused by acts of security risk . So, today we take a look at the trailer of learning.
First point , we want to introduce is pulling the trailer , which is a car in front of the rear traction through the drag tool to move towed vehicle . Rescue of the plate and professional or semi- trailer loaded with load is different type of trailer , hauling trailer is simple, easy to get started , and the use of low cost. Owners in emergency situations for their own operation , to fight for the post of valuable time troubleshooting .
Drag the tool to use traction trailer divided into soft and hard tow rope tow bar two . Tow rope over the material or by the high-strength steel wire fabric made from both ends of the tow rope tied to a hook and drag lock . Hard trailer from steel rod or iron pipe replaced the ropes with the same drag at both ends of the hook and latch . Use of safe and effective for trailers on both sides, trailer bar is undoubtedly the better choice , when the trailer tow bar rigid with better traction transmission capacity , especially when loss of towed vehicle brake control, tow bar can be hard Ensure that the vehicle in front when braking too fast after being hit by a car . Of course, the rope tow is not useless , space-saving , cheap , flexible and so are its advantages , but also soft tow rope proved fully capable of basic trailer , it has become a standing tool of choice for private car owners .








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