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80% of company's main revenue comes from special cable , the customer focus on metallurgy , petrochemical industry .
Business expansion in the direction of the company is the special high-voltage cables, booster cables, rolling stock , wind power and offshore platforms cables .
2010-2012 EPS forecasts the company were 0.42 yuan , 0.53 yuan , 0.69 yuan , according to 20-23 times the 2011 price-earnings ratio valuation , the valuation range of -12.19 to 10.6 yuan per . Range of 9.24 yuan -10.5 per inquiry .
Professional manufacturer of special power : special cable company is committed to the development, production and sales , special sales revenue in the cable company's main business income of an average of 87.07 percent the proportion of products are mainly used in petrochemical, metallurgy and other fields .
The company's competitive advantages : ( 1 ) the level of cable technology company leading special emphasis on new products and new technology R & D capabilities , has a professional R & D team and a number of patents ; (2 ) through the many years to build a brand . " Moen "brand series wire and cable products has been appraised as " Shanghai Famous Brand " , " Shanghai key new product " and so on; (3 ) produced by the company listed in the national production license catalog of products have access to productive Permit the inclusion of mandatory product produced catalog of products have achieved certification CCC certification .
Analysis of raising project funds : The company intends to the public in this public offering of common stock of RMB 3,660 million , 300 million yuan of funds to be raised . Raised funds for railway vehicles , wind power and offshore platforms special cable and AC variable speed control motor cable two projects. To expand the company's locomotives, wind power , offshore platform, cables, booster cables and other specialty cable products and services .
Profit forecasts and corporate valuation : Our company's 2010-2012 EPS forecasts were 0.42 yuan , 0.53 yuan , 0.69 yuan , according to 20-23 times the 2011 price-earnings ratio valuation , the valuation range of -12.19 to 10.6 yuan per .
Inquiry recommends : 22-25 times 2010 price-earnings ratio in accordance with inquiry , inquiry interval 9.24 yuan -10.5 dollars .








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