First half of 2010 in Kunshan, Jiangsu exported 265 million U.S. wire and cable

Kunshan, Inspection and Quarantine , according to statistics , the first half of this year, exports of wire and booster cables 17000 Kunshan batch , the amount of 265 million U.S. dollars , up 28.01 percent increase year on year , respectively , 50.79% this year Since the amount of monthly exports are up in the chain .
According to insiders , Kunshan, wire and cable products are mainly exported to the United States , Australia, Italy, Japan , Korea, Thailand and other countries and regions. Wire and cable industry products and diversified , broad range of applications , involving the electric power, Jian Zhu , telecommunications, manufacturing and other industries , yes transmission power , Chuandixinxi and manufacturing all kinds of electrical , instrument, Yi Biao , Shixiandianci energy Zhuanhuan the indispensable basis for the material .
However, the wire and cable industry is also facing great challenges. First, the wire and cable industry is a typical " heavy and light materials "industry , raw materials prices are often 70% of the total -80 % cost , large swings in copper prices has brought to the business operations extremely difficult . In 2009 because of fluctuations in copper , wire and cable industry suffered a great impact on the growth rate slowed down significantly, even once the phenomenon of negative growth . Second, the wire and cable industry with lower market entry thresholds , with constant access to private and foreign-funded enterprises , industries have been expanding , increasingly competitive market .
Inspection and quarantine departments proposed wire and booster cables companies to increase exports of wire and cable grade , reducing low-level competition, and enhance product added value. For copper Da Fukuba move, companies also should strengthen the Touru materials , accelerated promotionlevel, especially high voltage wire and cable is, energy efficient materials, high-tech R & D production of high value-added products , to fill the Kunshan Dequ UHV Dianxian Cable blank
Main risks: We believe that the main risk for the company's exposure to fluctuations in raw material prices , market competition, risk and customer focus in the petrochemical and metallurgical industry risk.








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