Transformation and upgrading of China's wire and cable industry s

China is the world 's largestWire & CableProducing countries , the global number one in 700 billion of value . Wire and cable industry has developed rapidly , supporting the role of the industrial economy has become increasingly evident . According to statistics , over the past few years, wire and cable industry annual average output growth of more than 15% by last year's financial crisis slow down the rapid growth of cable , some new industries such as overheated investment , such as polysilicon , duplication of the booster cables industry, has struck Ring the alarm , transformation and upgrading of the industry is imperative , then the transformation and upgrading of wire and cable industry, rely on it ? Emphasis on " soft power " improvement is the key , "soft power "has become the soul of enterprise competitiveness , the real core of enterprise competitiveness.
Standard is our short board
Standards, is a comprehensive reflection of product technology , is a competitive strategy techniques . When we create strong words against the world , when our eyes begin to global economy, while domestic production manufacturing capacity there is a structural surplus , large scale enterprises began to enter foreign markets , we find that in addition to a foreign economic system Series of protectionist barriers to trade but also often through the development of technical standards to set technical barriers. Technical barriers so that we pay enough as the production costs and marketing costs . Plan down , we may still make the labor intensive labor . Into the U.S. market through UL certification, to go to Europe to meet EU standards ; even an industry standards body in Europe revised every two years a standard , and then launch a new version of the purpose is very clear that you developed around them Standard transfer . This is the stone hills .
Western countries, unlike China, is a complete private ownership of national, international "IEC" standard is the predecessor of the birth of the first sites in a single product of business owners .









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