New fire burning three hours of cable debut in Tianjin but also power

If not personally seen , and no one will believe the plastic sheathing of the cable can be 950 degrees in the fire in the burning three hours after the power can continue . July 15 , Shanghai Takahashi Fire Cable Cable Group Technical Seminar held in Tianjin , the company's independent research and development of new pressure fire-resistant mineral insulated cables and cable BTL series of new products unveiled .
In recent years , fires, mining accidents and other serious accidents, caused people to public safety concerns and worries , the National Fire Safety departments have also established a public place identity management system, fire retardant , fire retardant increased public places architectural decoration products Barriers to entry , both in the cable market to fire a huge room for development, cable products for fire protection research and development put forward higher requirements . Shanghai Cable Group Takahashi responsibility to protect public safety , keep a close eye forefront of the market for a new product development , research and development through unremitting efforts of experts , the capture of fire retardant wire and cable manufacturers in the field of a difficult technological problem , the field of science and technology to the world peak climbing cable fire . According to the Shanghai Association for wire and cable industry expert appraisal , Shanghai Takahashi Cable Group independently developed high-pressure fire-resistant cable to fill the gaps in the industry , breaking the myth that high-voltage cable can not fire ; BTL series of successful research and development of mineral insulated cable , ending 100 years BTT no alternative to mineral insulated booster cables history , a " new second generation of mineral insulated . "
It is understood that Takahashi Cable Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai was founded in 1985, more than 20 years focused on the cause of fire lines , fire retardant technology leader in the domestic counterparts . In Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen , Fuzhou , Chengdu , Chongqing, Hefei , Jinan, Zhengzhou and other cities of technical workshops held fire lines are successful , caused a sensation in the industry , technical standards written into the subway , rail Transportation , fire and other industry or national standards , two were successfully applied in thousands of products in China, ICBC business office , two- Fai Building, Shanghai Pudong , Beijing and other broad national large projects.







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