Hypoxic dead fish cable ship Guaduan

July 12 at noon after the full repair and completion of the power sector leading to the town of jade pillow Longhai Siena Village Crossing the River Cable , 15 at 3:20 pm it was a million tons of cargo Guaduan The . Jade pillow two power led to huge losses the village farmers .
15, at 3:20 pm , a foreign cargo ship , sailing on the waters of Kowloon Jiang Haicheng , which is a load of 8,000 tons of cargo , and this channel is channel 3 , only 3,000 tons of cargo traffic , not only that, the ship reported The boat is 26m, but the actual boat 29m. Thus, by the river when the ship sank , the only 3 -day Cross River restoration has Guaduan the cable . The booster cables in at 20 o'clock on the July 8 was Born in Fujian Province " Mastery 998 " cargo ship to the same reason Guaduan , stopped after four days of electricity repaired .
Yesterday morning, reporters farmers Cai Qingyong home to see his fish pond empty . He said: "yellow thorn fish die out , and worry about fishing for the more than 10 thousand kilos . These fish are put in the seedlings last spring , now 45 double , you can sell . coupled with the death of shrimp ponds in Several worried shrimp , this time I lost more than 50,000 pieces . " Now, Cai Qingyong home 14 acres pond, only seven or eight hundred pounds of shrimp are still alive. His small generator in the power of 8, although electricity generation at night , but the power shortage , resulting in the death of fish and hypoxia . The 15 power outages , the local aquatic farmers more deaths due to hypoxia .
Jade pillow village party branch secretary , said Xu River setting , jade pillow village has more than 1,600 families , 6,000 mu of aquaculture water surface , more than 400 family farmers . This is called the villagers to the village a few days to report their own losses, and the village committee to prepare to find the owner compensation . Power to the village twice and caused direct economic losses should have over 400 million .







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