Cement truck severing cable pull off six poles

yesterday 18:20 Xu , a bulk cement truck market in the city of South Bay clam passes , the severing of the cross hanging above the entrance in the market of communication cable , the market's entrance on both sides of the 6 Root cement pole is being pulled off . According to an eyewitness said the cable sink so low , time of the incident , an elderly man trying to hang on higher cable , the old people were injured from falling off the ladder .
18:50 multisection day , reporters rushed to the city after receiving Baoliao market outside South Shell Bay and saw an approximately 4 meters high bulk cement truck parked in the road leading to the market . The top of an body hanging cable ( see Figure 1 , Wang Hanwen photo ) . Cable has been broken , the cable of a take away on the road . Rivers in the market left side of the door , there are three new cement poles break down to the ground , and another a broken concrete poles are down the middle , will fall ; the door on the right in the market , there are two cement poles break down On the ground, there is a broken tree branch fell to the ground ( see Figure 2 , Wang Hanwen photo ) .
Open shop in the creek side of the operators that cross hanging over the cable entrance in the market is telecommunications with lines appeared several days earlier sinking , bulk cement truck through the body due to too high , hit the cable . " Bulk cement truck opened in the past , telephone poles ' call ' slamming down on the back . " shop operators say , because the trunk and a few electric poles and cables connected to the cable to be Car severing the same time, the telephone poles are pulled Off .
Intersection of a motorcycle driver in the market , said cable sinking too low for a 60- year-old man about the market next door to the right of the poles erected Zhu Ti , cable wants to hang higher. In his operation, bulk cement truck came from the city of South Road for a severing of the cable line , the man from the 34 -meter ladder fell wounded and was sent to the hospital ambulance .
When the reporter left the scene , police have been open to the site , some construction workers pulled off in dealing with the electricity poles and booster cables .







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