The two men were found late at night stealing cable

Newswire, 22 am , two men sneaked into the Dasha is nearing completion of a residential, commercial, residential burglary , " 110 " Alarm police arrived on the scene , one of the criminals Huangbuzelu , to jump from 20th floor window , fell on 18th floor platform Position , was captured on the spot ; another 23 floor elevator , a partner in the office " possession of cats " , have also been found on the spot .
It is learned that day at 2 pm, Long police station received 110 orders : Shahe District is nearing completion of a large sum Xincheng was stolen . Alarm , the police rushed to the scene , security was informed by the inquiry , implementation of the theft suspects still Omori Xincheng upstairs . As Gailou the elevator floor , high floor , a total of 30 layers , the police decided to soldier on-site consultations divided into two groups , one group from the left side of the floor stairs began a blanket search , and the other from the stairs on the right of the floor searches .
After 2 hours of searching, but nothing from the first floor to the roof . Could thieves to conceal ? Police did not give up , taking into account the elevator floor, although a few buildings near the tongue, but the main entrances are guarded by police , a criminal is unlikely to escape , the police decided to conduct a second search
Quietly passing the time , when one group of police officers searched a 20-storey building when the police suddenly found the wall in a place where there is a vague figure . "Who's Where ? stand up ! " police Liushu Long led the three patrol officers slowly approached . Police heard the commotion, the figure suddenly ran floor edge , caught down the jump , police shocked , that was the 20th floor, you? ! Tasked to run over to see the hearts of stone be considered off the ground : the original 18- floor location with a platform . Police immediately ran to the 18th floor , in a pile of garbage behind the building to find this figure . Liu Shulong a photo with the torch , who are filled with dirt , sweat , also kept breathing heavily . By simply asking , who is one of the persons committing the crime
Police brought the suspects were taken to the car , we find that there are associates in the above , the police returned to search for Omori Xincheng upstairs . More than an hour later, another corner in the 23rd floor found another hiding criminals , at his side there are a large number of wire cutters .
The review: Mr. Han, the suspect , Zhang both have 18 years of age , who lives in the town of Lawrence County, Southern white . According to two confessed that they see this building has been installed, the elevator cable , so wanted to steal booster cables, unexpectedly was found when about to succeed .







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