Long Island submarine cable fault Yantai city

26, Yantai Long Island residents suddenly received a text message from the power company : Qiu Changhai for 110kv cable fault , causing power outages on Long Island , please start the emergency power users . After a day and a half of repair , 27 evening , a 35kv backup cables were repaired , the restoration of electricity in parts of Long Island .
At eleven o'clock on the the 26th or so , a sudden power outage in Long Island resident, Mr Wang family , his neighbors have also found a power cut . Hot day , fans , air conditioning can not use , so Wang feel inconvenient . He then found that there may be more convenient , because the island is a power cut .
27, Long Island Agricultural Bureau of Water Resources has issued a notice : coordination by the county government the power sector , specifically on the urban water supply systems for electricity , urban water supply time is tentatively scheduled for 8 -12 points .
27 pm , the reporter from the Long Island power company confirmed to Penglai Qiuzhang Hai Long Island cable was broken . From the accident , the Long Island power company staff has been in the repair , but the submarine cable repair process is complex and must be measured accurately point to find out the exact location of submarine cable fault , then this part of the submarine cable groan board Further mending . At present, the fault of the submarine cable has been connected , but tests found that pressure values when there are problems , not pass , it must be restored .
Minister of Work Safety Supply Company Yantai Dongfang Wang speculated that Long Island submarine cable fault is likely to anchor fishing boats into the forbidden zone . Submarine cable anchor on both sides have a ban on fishing boats , once entered it is easy to scrape the submarine , fishing boats anchor in the process, the submarine cable outer insulation layer will be squeezed bad . As the submarine cable is very heavy, and fishing boats pull fixed submarine cable , submarine cable is likely to directly cut off escape .
At 20 o'clock on the on the 27th or so , news came from Long Island , the local had been abandoned years ago enabled the 35kv submarine booster cables , some residents have achieved normal home lighting , repair of 110kv being submarine , may take several days to repair .







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