Theft of cable pull-out 18-year murder case

18 years ago , beating his friend to death because of trivial matters , and his body sink into the toilet . 18 years later, crazy theft of wire and booster cables , covering the value of 100 million yuan. This year in July , after the joint efforts of the police Zezhou and Yuhang , Ryu suspects were arrested , and cross the 18-year murder case backlog to be cracked .
May 4, 1993 , a village in the town of Zezhou high all the toilet in their own village named Ma found a male body . Alarm , the Bureau immediately organized police investigation to identify the deceased, all the town departments in high- wage migrant workers from Henan Ji Jeong , was punched to death with a blunt object . Because the victim died almost six months , the lack of direct detection clues in solving the temporary impasse . 18 years, always concerned about Zezhou police cracked the case , has been to investigate Jeong origin , and established contacts with the relatives of the deceased in order to find useful in solving cases. This year in May , Jeong 's relatives to the police reflect , Jeong was 18 years ago and working together , disappeared after the incident Ryu, the same villagers were detained in the detention center Yuhang District, Hangzhou , Zhejiang Province , and the frequent theft Liu , word of mouth is not good, who had criminal suspects . After this important clues have been , it disappeared after the incident police believe Ryu , and long-term pseudonym who work there suspected of committing the crime , then organizations capable forces rushed to the investigation of Zhejiang Yuhang District . In questioning the name of " Liu Xueqing " Ryu , their words flashing , nervous , but refused to disclose the whole truth . But the police did not lose heart in the local Criminal Investigation Department with the assistance of increased cases occur. Through the tireless efforts of up to 6 days , counting on long years , unwilling to acknowledge facts of the crime Ryu finally truthfully confessed his intentional injuries caused the death of Jeong facts of the crime . Other identification, Ryu organizations in Yuhang district more than theft from a long booster cables , wire and other items , involving the value of 100 million yuan.
Currently, Ryu suspects have been arrested according to law Zezhou Police Bureau and escorted back to Jin , the case was under further investigation.









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