Theft of cable were to climb telephone poles to the threat of suicide was a criminal police custody

in the arrest of his accomplices , the knowledge of the "big brother " to notice any hit 18 phone. Yesterday , Tai Hing to the police, the thief ran away due to vehicles driving boss puncture , actually climbed up the pole to "suicide " threat to police . At present, this specialized booster cables theft gang has been completely destroyed , three suspects detained on criminal charges .
Recently, Huangcun Town, Daxing Public Security Bureau police station area, the spate of communications cable theft , theft of cable minimum 23 meters , the longest losing nearly 1000 meters , causing direct economic losses of more than 20 million in indirect economic losses over a million dollars . Area police investigation quickly , according to cable was cut marks on several hardware stores to visit in advance to determine the tools to cut the cable , narrow scope of investigation .
Subsequently, the Yin Baoguo police made a bold vision , specialized patrol pull a cable access team of quarters , 24-hour monitoring network flow situation . Meanwhile, the leading civilian police and Guard members in key areas concealed Dunshou . Dunshou to the fifth day of 1:33 , the patrol members for online surveillance network suddenly found broken . At this point, between two shadow wasteland , police quickly separated into two groups on the encircling a suspect . " the net "in Yinbao Guo 's orders , the police quickly to attack, chase suspects. Arrest , the two men jumped into the cesspit , the police will also follow both control and flew into cesspits . Police seized a broken clamp site , foot of crime such as tools and just buckle down and cut the communication cables 400 meters.
Back to the police station , the suspect Wang 's phone kept ringing , a total of 18 did not answer the phone , number all the same . After police work, Wang explained , this number is their leader 's call . Lied to police to face Wang called the police , but escaped and asked to "big brother " to meet . Can this " Big Brother " vigilance is high , a number of changes meeting place , where the requirements are not met by police and eventually a better line of sight required to meet the Yongding River dam .
When police arrived at the embankment , police found the suspect , quick drive to escape, the fleeing vehicle flat tire near the Marco Polo Bridge , the suspect abandoned the vehicle and escape, climb a pole about 6 meters high . "Do not come , or I 'll jump . " persuaded by the police , the suspect finally climbed down the pole , without a fight .
Preliminary review by the police , three men account , since this year has a total of four communications cable theft gang , the amount of money involved more than 10 million . Currently, the three suspects on suspicion of theft has been Tai Hing Police criminal detention.








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