Jiangsu two men stealing cable car hire former prison comrades into Friends

Former comrades in arms and sworn to start now because of the gang Daoge communication cables make a living , but both jail .7Month28JapanQidong City , Jiangsu Province 's Procuratorate on suspicion of theft,The suspectAlso agreeing , tube YufengApproved the arrest .
Huiping Town, Qidong City, who lives in the town and the East China SeaAlso agreeing , tube Yufeng few years ago with a unit of service in the People's Liberation Army stationed in Heilongjiang . Two years of camp life , so that the same membership as the hometown of both in Qidong forged a profound friendship. After demobilization from the army , also agreeing to work as a painter , pipe Yufeng then enter a local telecommunications sector as a line crew , the two talk often with food and drink .
This year5Month9On the evening , Jiang , pipe two chatted on hand when expressed relatively tight recently , also agreeing to make extra money then asked what the road , pipe Yufeng replied casually , this cable is worth a lot of money . Thus, two hit it off , agreeing on common Daoge cables sell for money . Since5Month10To16Day , the day after two car hire check out the location , the evening carried by the control unit issued Yufeng cut cables , pedals , gloves , and other special tools in Qidong Yin Yang town , Daxing Town, and other criminals around the town straight four , Daoge communication cable Line520M, the value of the yuan14000Yuan. Later, because of Fenzangbujun , two parted ways , each more than a decade since they frantically committed crimes , involving the value of the yuan48000Yuan.
The township communications cable caused the phenomenon of frequent theft of public security organs attach great importance. The investigation will soon be targeted for a car rental company a black Santana .6Month21Morning , also agreeing to drive in huilongzhen Yeongyang Village parking lot Daoge after booster cables break , the police throughGPSPositioning system to determine the position which they are to be cracked , and on the spot and seized cables, pedals , gloves, and tools for committing crimes such as stolen goods . Subsequently according to their confessions,6Month24Day , Qidong City police officers also houses the telecommunications sector within a tube Yufeng captured .








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