Songzi cracked the case series of inter-provincial communication cable theft and arrested three susp

Across the provinces of Hunan, Hubei , crazy Daoge communication booster cables 20 from committing crimes , causing direct economic losses of more than 50 million . July 24 , Songzi City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation unit cracked the case of inter-provincial communication cable theft and arrested three suspects .
According to reports, last November 26 to April 14 this year , Songzi Rive , Sri Lanka home field, Yang Lin City, Mill River , Street, River City, liujiachang , 10,000 towns succession of 7 10 Communication cable theft over the case from the result, the South film township Songzi fixed telephone , broadband , relay circuits and other communication facilities paralyzed . Case caused by the public security organs attach great importance to April 17 , Songzi City Public Security Bureau from the criminal investigation , law and order and the relevant police station dispatched elite police force , set up special group to investigate , quickly locking in Wuhan and Shiyan, a person to the Zhou .
July 14 , after careful investigation , the panel found that the a and Zhou hiding in Suizhou , and went to the two captured , and arrested another suspect to a certain co .
After the trial , three people accountable , said in November last year, in April this year , and others to have sneaked into a Songzi Street, River City, Yang Lin City, Mill Creek and other seven towns perpetrators in 14 cases; Yanjing Li County , Hunan , Thunder Tower 4 criminals from other places ; in Suizhou 1 from the perpetrators . They take advantage of the opportunity of the night no one used bolt cutters cut line , booster cables line with a tricycle onto the secluded stripping , the copper wire woven fitted with a good hiding , then transported to Wuhan, centralized disposal of stolen goods , were tens of thousands of illicit money Element .







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