Tow rope to help people injured eye off the court sentenced the beneficiary, loss of 6 percent

Evening News to help owners of Wang Song stuck in the mud drag an agricultural vehicle , agricultural vehicle unexpectedly because of overloading , traction hooks are freed , Song was resilient steel ball hit his right eye , resulting in seven disability , Song to the owner with Zhu Wang and employers to court , the court of first instance verdict , Wang should bear 60% responsibility. Wang refused to accept an appeal , recently, the Qingdao Municipal Intermediate People's Court ruling , rejected Wang 's appeal.
Song employment

In Zhu , opened on site in a bulldozer , one month's wages 800 . December 16, 2003 at 10 am, Wang driving agricultural tow rope vehicles stuck in mud , the site materials to help members find Song Wang trailer . Trailer during break free of agricultural vehicle traction hook , wire rope bounced back to play in the Song of the right eye on . The diagnosis of ocular trauma, ocular rupture , scleral laceration, eye contents prolapse , eyelid laceration, conjunctival laceration . Song hospitalized 22 days , spent 10,944.59 yuan for medical expenses , transportation costs 400 yuan . Among them, the Wang on behalf of the patient pay a deposit of 2,000 yuan , 8,500 yuan Zhu for their payment . Proved by the hospital , Song follow-up treatment takes about 20,000 yuan , the forensic , Song of the injured are seven disabled .
The trial court found that Wang Song for the trailer , not Zhu arrangement , not a normal job duties to be hurt, Zhu should not be held responsible. But Song 's behavior is a gesture of goodwill to help others act as the beneficiary of Wang on the Song of damage , should be adequate compensation . Because the plaintiff for its trailer, Wang did not object to the spot , but the fact the trailer has been formed . As employers Zhu Song , Song hospital in advance of 8500 yuan of its shall be deemed to voluntary compensation on Song . The trial verdict medical expenses Song Wang compensation losses, loss of working time , travel expenses , living allowance , disability living allowance , remedial treatment costs about 60 %, a total of 24,977.63 yuan .








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