Po- Sheng 3 signature by Brand wire and cable industry

Recently selected by the China Brand Research Institute 's third "Chinese industry iconic brand , " the official list was releasedBao Sheng cableOnce again be on "ChinaWire & CableIndustry iconic brand " , which is three consecutive wins reelection this treasure of Chinese enterprises the highest honor the brand?
According to " China's industry standard iconic brand assessment and Regulations " provides industry iconic brand in China is to represent the peer or peers in the more influential global brand ; Only the Chinese famous trademark or brand name brand products in China , Eligible to participate in the Chinese industry iconic brand evaluation; every industry there is only one brand can get this honor , the Chinese symbol of the brand with a unique and exclusive , the brand is the highest honor of Chinese enterprises , China's external display is the image of the "national card . "
Bao Sheng cable to cable from many domestic manufacturers stand out , to achieve industry leadership , in addition to stick to the path of independent innovation , more importantly, perseverance and rigorous implementation of brand innovation strategy to win customer acceptance , expanding market share, and enable enterprises to maintain Quality, high efficiency and fast development momentum. The short-listed wire and booster cables industry in China iconic brand , and further established the Po Sheng leading position in the industry .







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