Mother and daughter trip wire rope tow

PRC 9 night near 7:00 , a white pickup truck traveling from south to north to the Yellow River Road, and eight-way intersection by the sudden failure of the time , and then to the trailer has not towed away a white pickup truck , cross the rope in two workshops also Tripping the electric car ride mother and daughter . After the incident , the owner and the repairman did not rescue , but quickly fled the scene separately by car .
Reporter went to the scene, only to see slow trail next car brands as Yu A77C05 white pickup truck parked on the roadside , also left under the left front jack , the floor has a pool of blood and many blood-stained toilet paper . According to witnesses Ms and two Guard members say , the car drove to here, from south to north is not moved to open the car down and three boys aged around 20 , played 20 minutes after the call to a car Rear number " 268 " of the black pickup , got out four men , including two mechanics . First they want to use the white pickup that comes with tow rope , but how could not drag . This process, accounting for failure cars slow lane , fast lane trailers accounted for one-third , two workshops connected with 34 m horizontal rope suspended over the road . At this time , a car sped from the electric wire was tripped , girl riding rope right foot was cut , blood flow Zhiwang Wai ; girl 's mother fell from the back seat , the mother and daughter busy wiping the blood with toilet paper .
The eight-way player Fluctuating patrol office , said after the accident , two people in the car quickly untie ropes, sit black pickup truck fled the scene. The other two mechanics rushed , cut a taxi dropped jack also ran . They alarm, traffic police of a large group then went to the scene accident Branch police , intercepted a car and injured her daughter to the hospital himself .
Yesterday, a team of police Meng Yong traffic police in the interview to remind drivers of motor vehicles , motor vehicle after the failure , according to regulations set certain warning signs, the trailer should contact the professional wrecker, should be carried out under the premise of ensuring safety operation ; use tow rope be a security risk . He said the situation from the scene , fault car owners should bear the main responsibility for the accident .







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