Undercut stealing cable "electric mouse " La Fawang

" dug a hole in the back wall in the warehouse , after the stolen copper wire into the cable , avoid the surveillance video " , this " conceited " could not escape the way the police handle cases of discernment . Recently, Heshan security business unit at a higher level of support, successful implementation will be stolen this way , " 6.11 " big five burglaries arrested suspects to justice .
According to reports, June 11, 2010 , the people of East Road, Heshan Shaping Zhen was a power company warehouse burglary, stolen copper wire , cable number , the total value of 289,802.8 yuan . After receiving the report , Heshan City Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to criminal patrol unit dispatched investigators to the scene . According to the scene, police found the back wall of the warehouse was dug a hole , the suspect is from here , to put someone on the inside line , some people pull out , inside and outside with the manner of theft, and successfully avoided The company's surveillance video .
From the process of committing the crime of view, the suspect on the scene, the environment is very familiar with this, investigators should determine modus staff pre- check out the location , the surroundings made clear after the theft . So police immediately on their employees and the surrounding masses Mocha visit , looking for clues . According to the masses , civilian police officers to master the perpetrators may be involved in waste collection or pick up the waste of personnel . After two months of careful investigation, police finally identified the investigation involved several suspects.
Aug. 9 , police in the higher business investigative assistance , to grasp the alleged " 6.11 " serious gang members burglaries in Longkou Town, Heshan City . With this information , police rushed to the detection of Longkou , in the town of Longkou Longkou Hospital entrance will be involved Panmou , Humou caught , and gain Tushen . Subsequently, another group of police clues in Shaping Zhen Wen edge according to a rented room, the other three men involved in a suspect way , a sub- Hu , Chen arrest.
After trial , the five suspects confessed to the crime that his burglary . It turns out that the five per capita Wuxue City in Hubei who usually work in waste collection , because the copper booster cables in a very attractive price , these people actually move from the theft of thoughts , their work will be used to find the perpetrator Target , after several check out the location , find out the situation, there are plans to carry out theft, theft succeed then sell the stolen goods changed hands , Shunde and other places.
The case is still further investigation.
Police advise against such cases of large business owners , we must enhance the awareness of security , to take effective preventive measures . First, to strengthen preventive work within the enterprise 's security , establish and improve the 24-hour patrol system to conduct regular safety inspection timely rectification security risks ; 2 yes Zengjia safety precaution hardware??the investment to install electronic Jiankong equipment and alarm devices ; 3 is the security Ye Jian Patrol to observe the surrounding circumstances , suspicious persons and vehicles to be vigilant and note the physical characteristics of suspicious persons and suspicious vehicles in the plate .








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