Nongba Shi Fu power company four days to complete cable fire substation project

on September 1 , the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Nongba Shi Tian Fu Power Company Shihezi complete the 110KV substation west of the city , 35KV149 substation , 132 substations , 122 substation cable fire works, and Acceptance is completed .
Recently, Tin Fu Power Company in accordance with the " electrical safety regulations "and" fire prevention measures in the design and construction of cable acceptance criteria "requirements of the recently completed west of cable laying works 110KV substation , 35KV149 substation , 132 substations , cables and 122 substations Cable tunnel fire safety engineering. Four substations of all power cables are fire retardant paint brush , cable tunnel firewall . Fire works will prevent cable combustion , and to avoid the fire after the fire spread to booster cables tunnel to protect the power grid reliable power supply.






Author: Weida Electric Tools Co., Ltd. Jiande
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