Pakistan, Afghanistan and Africa to export the first fiber optic cable

According to Pakistan's "Commercial Record newspaper , " September 14 report , Pakistan's Premier Cable General Manager and the Federal Trade and Industry Associationmaier has revealed to the media , said the company some time ago with the price and quality advantage, beating Indian and Chinese competitors , won the African exports to Afghanistan and fiber optic cable contract. Up to now , in addition to the 1,000 km fiber optic cable exit , the more orders for goods are produced and prepared.
Yisimaier pointed out that fiber optic cable manufacturers in China to enjoy duty-free import of raw materials and finished products for export tax rebate incentives , but only the implementation of Pakistan's export tax rebate policy optical fiber , and the lengthy time-consuming approval process refund . He proposed , if the Palestinians want to continue Kuoda its fiber-optic cable exports, the government needs to adopt new policies to further reduce Yi factory cost, improve product in the international market competitiveness, and adopt effective measures Daji Zousihuodong fiber-optic cable from China . He said that the monthly Palestinian smuggling from China up to 400-500 kilometers of booster cables .







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