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Deyang, Sichuan News Network News October 11 (Lee Valley Pacific) Oct. 4, Golden Dragon, who lives in an apartment in the very fact of Shifang to the State Power Grid Corporation of Shifang, Deyang, telephone assistance call bureau, said the construction of a brutal Waduan cable construction unit, resulting in the whole area without electricity, the electricity sector requested emergency assistance. Supply security council staff and other departments related materials are ready, after the scene rushed to repair.
I saw at the scene, dragon district roads being modified underground drainage pipes, buried deep underground cables have been in the construction side excavator Waduan, brutal construction lead to buried in the ground for up to twenty meters of cable are also spots varying degrees of damage, and the cable happens to be the Golden Dragon Waduan residential tenants and hundreds of shops around the main supply lines, the Bureau staff through a comprehensive detailed site investigation, to restore the cables, 10 kV soil must be broken 35 City Road, ? distribution transformer switch, because it is during the National Day, together with close to noon, it was around the peak of the shop operators, taking into account the special nature of things, to ensure foolproof, the council staff to the Council Secretary repair Liu Xu report the matter personally involved by the Bureau and command, and in accordance with the important places of the festival to develop electric security plan, the largest investment in human and material resources to ensure that users fully festival electricity, while around noon in order not to affect the household electricity, in a number of and coordination of the surrounding residents, the council re-traction of a temporary cable, and stagger the noon peak period of 14:00 pm the same day the cable Waduan cutover time, and timely repair of the breakage.
As the council prepared, repair time, after struggling to repair the council staff, the afternoon of 15, was Waduan successfully repaired the booster cables, the whole repair process took only 1 hour for residents and shops to save the unnecessary loss by the general public alike.







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