Developers dig drain heating pipes laying of cables

as the developer dug during the construction of heating pipeline leak, the U.S. Gulf of Community Health established three residents of 16 buildings is still cold. Yesterday afternoon, heating Xiangfang District Coordination Office convened an emergency, inform the Legislative Department of the U.S. Gulf of open blocked arteries district heating problems. Related to heating companies and developers said the 24-hour emergency repair, and strive to make community residents live within two days on the warm room.
According to Office of Director Wu Xiangfang District heating introduced legislation Gulf of three U.S. Department of April 20 this year, into the household, do Xiangfang District heating area in the 20th of this month found that three projects on time and open blocked arteries can not be the problem. After investigation, the district developers in the laying of cables, the destruction of the existing heat network lines. After repair, now involves 33 residential buildings have been 17 heat.
Harbin, in charge of the district heating thermoelectric heating limited liability company responsible person in the U.S. Gulf of Community Health established three belong to the company's new projects, in October 2009 laying heating pipe network. Sheung Shui to suppress on July 21, we found that thermal pressure in the network exception. The investigation, heating and secondary pipe network of about 18 total leakage occurs is when residential developers in the laying of the booster cables cut leakage of heating pipeline. Currently they have completed 12 repairs, the rest is repairing the leak.
Yesterday, the Legislative Department of the U.S. Gulf of residential plumbing engineers, developers, Du Liwen sent representatives to participate in coordination meeting as the company, he said, "the company will repair at all costs." Why will the construction process for a problem, whether the detailed investigation before the construction of the pipeline network planning, as well as how to compensate for the loss caused to the public and other issues, Duli Wen Yi Gai said: "I do not know."
In this regard, City Housing Authority housing security and heating Management Office responsible person said that the current staff are fully supervise the repair works to ensure that the public in the shortest time to live on the warm room. Heating to be members of the public are protected, then a separate study for the developer and other relevant units dealing with problems.






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