Clutch points are electromagnetic clutch and magnetic powder clutch friction type clutch, hydraulic

According to work needs at any time will ZhuDongZhou and driven shafts jointing or separation of mechanical parts. Can be used to operate a machine of transmission system starting, stopping, variable speed and reversing etc. Clutch variety, according to the nature of the work can be divided as: (1) the manipulation of type clutch. The control method has mechanical, electromagnetic, pneumatic and hydraulic etc, such as embedded clutch (through tooth, tooth or bonding chimeric transmission torque), friction clutch friction transmission torque (use), air flexible clutch (using compressed air tire swell-shrink to manipulate the friction parts mating or separation of the clutch), electromagnetic clutch turn bad (with exciting current to produce magnetic force to transfer torque), magnetic powder clutch (with excitation coil make magnetic powder magnetization, forming the magnetic powder chain with the transfer torque). (2) automatic type clutch. Use simple mechanical method automatic completion of mating or separate action, divide again for safety clutch (when transmission torque reaches a certain value when the shaft can automatically separation, thus preventing overload, avoid machine in important parts damaged), centrifugal clutch (when ZhuDongZhou speed reaches a certain value, because only centrificating can make the drive shaft between connected by itself or exceeds a certain speed can self separation), directional clutch (also called overrunning clutch, using the ratchet tiedowm- JiZhao of meshing or roller, wedge block of chocking role one-way transmission sports or torque, when ZhuDongZhou reversal or speed below the driven shaft, clutch automatically separate).







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