Lighting headlights and

Mo ZhongDa tells a reporter, into tongtian radish such cave must have certain equipment SRT, its full name is vertical down in technology. Induction-motor-driven hoist SRT technology originated in 1936, first is used for cliff climb. In the early 1950s cave exploration was introduced, the mid-seventies perfected.
SRT equipment Lord rope is a special nylon and explore the nickname it as "hole nylon avenue. This article main rope diameter is only 11 millimeters, but tensile strength is 2.7 metric tons. Besides main rope outside, SRT equipment includes slide device and crawling on device.
Ethan the breast of a hole with the main rope connected pulley, to maintain the stability of the center. The chest of a seat belt attached to one and set in the main rope ratchet tiedowm, once the feet to climb on device malfunction, it can immediately gets stuck, avoid agent who break if hole hole feels tired, the agent can also use this main rope to emergency ratchet stuck rest.
In dark caves in exploring, lighting is very important also. Each team will usually inserted in a safety helmet with two sets of lighting headlights. One kind is not afraid wet calcium carbide lamp, it can from acetylene combustion degree of stand or fall, show hole air oxygen is normal; Another kind is dry lamp, usually as a backup illuminant.
Rope is needed another agent hole, so for its root lifeline quality demanding. Natural fiber woven rope such as hemp, very easy in wet environment rot; While ordinary plastic rope and easy to be worn, and therefore are not applicable to cave exploration. The current world general agent hole diameter is special the ropes, 8 ~ 10mm high toughness low extension of the nylon rope.







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