Fire ready-to-use cable face difficulties is the balance between multiple system

In today’s fire ready-to-use cable, facing a difficult areas are system operation requirements, environmental compliance and fireproof performance between the balance. Fire performance standards and requirements of the evolution and materials and ready-to-use cable design major developments are we will reconsider foundation design basis. For example, from ready-to-use cable combustion to electronic reliability technology instead of metal loss to inspect ready-to-use cable corrosive, can make us from different perspective on materials and ready-to-use cable design. Along with the development of polymer mixing technology, such as containing fluorine polymer, PVC and polyolefin such base material in fire prevention performance and make environment for sustainable development of the formula has made great progress, and the public perception of ready-to-use cable standard has been developed, absorbed the superiority of these features. Over the past 15 years, with the great development of material mixing technology, any material excluded from point of view is not scientific view, unfortunately, we often have to face driven by commercial interests protectionism and junk science. Of course, we must be as much as possible from materials and ready-to-use cable design to extract the highest value and performance, but not to damage the good engineering design and reasonable scientific view is cost. With good engineering design ideas and pass the anti-fire test practice balance to simulate the products in its typical geometrical form installation conditions, would have the opportunity to design a safer ready-to-use cable and produce new technology. Can let a person to have a clear understanding and balance of standard should cover all the harm and ready-to-use cable performance requirements, and not only consider a single material properties or security, performance, environmental impact analysis of some ways. In ready-to-use cable design and fire risk assessment, considering ready-to-use cable fire performance evaluation must have before ready-to-use cable complete combustion properties. Through the ready-to-use cable comprehensively and comprehensive pass the anti-fire test, simulating it in some reproduction configuration application under the environment, we evaluate ready-to-use cable geometry form the full effect and ready-to-use cable in all the materials and components of cooperative circumstance. According to the insulation material, single characteristics (e.g. accord with IEC60754 characteristics of the exhaust halogen acid/PH test) to set a requirement and boundaries will cannot reflect the final ready-to-use cable products in human nature and property safety value. Ready-to-use cable safety value certainly cannot rely on a single material. In addition, we fire safety primary objective is to make people win time, thus can safely evacuated from buildings in the fire. Need 20 ~ 30 minutes to limit the fire in the vertical and horizontal aspect spread is of vital importance. In addition, in the first of these key time, try to reduce smog dim or density, so that people can see escape route is also very important. Ready-to-use cable through concealing Spaces in the whole building and channel of network, usually without any spray or fire prevention measures to isolate the flame from an office in vertical and horizontal to another room spread, it has become an applicable safety standards. In order to accurately evaluate eventually ready-to-use cable products in its installation under the condition of the geometric shape, cope with complete ready-to-use booster cables full scale test, measurement of its characteristics, such as flame lit sex, "woefully unprepared", smoke release quantity or dim sex, release quantity of heat, burning flame hair formation, dissolves droplet and other.






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