Sichuan 4 man driving in hebei tianjin repeatedly DaoGe communication cable is caught

Recently, after careful investigation, DingXingXian public security bureau in tianjin police vigorously with successful knocks A damage public telecommunications facility escaping crime gangs, captured the criminal suspect what A (male, 33), what B (male, 36 years old), zhou (male, 32) and qintang one (male, 34, four per capita for sichuan people), so far crime-solving 4 cases, involving A value 5 million yuan.
The second half of this year, DingXingXian domestic continuously happen involves "SanDian" case, the agency director at yingjie whomsoever, in such cases highly, deploy keen-witted and capable of police composition, to carry out comprehensive case investigation astonished at work. After the establishment of the crime, astonished around the time, site and trace evidence for string and analysis, develops a wide range of MoPai visit work, and acquired a important information: somewhere before the crime have a car tianjin licence cars to any live. Around the clues, astonished immediately rushed to tianjin shun line pursuit. On November 1, astonished at tianjin police vigorously with the criminal suspect in tianjin dagang district will what A and B, zhou and qintang how A captured. The TuShen, four suspects instructions banded driving cars in tianjin, hebei and so on many times the facts of a crime DaoGe communication booster cables. At present, the criminal suspect what A and B, zhou and qintang what one has been detained by criminal case trial unearth work is in progress.







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