Four cases can save never voluntarily trailer

Snowy drive out, you may not get on the car is in trouble -- the car keys ning don't move, door won't open. This is because the temperature is too low, lock the door and been frozen. Mainland rescue experts say, this kind of circumstance, the owner can try to twist a few key, if still won't open, he had to wait for the rise of temperature some to try again.
Manual block models suggest stepping on a clutch car, such car easier dozen.
For a long time in the low temperature environment inside the park, oil will compare viscous, hand brake also easy to freeze, causing gave youchegang but no response. Experts suggest owners and move the car several times, make condition get leave again.
Car in the parking places and the thick snow stopped out not to come is also common phenomenon. Experts say: can the car owners and moving, the snow rolling flat, from parking out.
The expert reminds: mainland rescue snow travel easily happened tracing cauda wait for an accident, right now is not recommended, especially with the owners themselves trailer tow rope.







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