Motorists notice winter car most need care four locations

     With winter approaching, we are adding to their own warm clothes, we should also pay attention to the vehicle's seasonal maintenance work. For the car, how to get through the winter is quite learned, following on from the Chery Automobile maintenance experts to us about in the winter, your car has a few places that most need to "care"!
Battery life is generally 2-3 years, maintenance-free life of the individual, but also 5 years. If you have close to life, preferably for a new, if still available, but also check the adequacy of the electrolyte, the density is normal. If you lose power, the density will drop, loss of battery power not only difficult to start and easy to cracking. Thus Always to the battery charging in winter, and take appropriate precautionary measures. The vehicle's cold start in the theory, there is a very important way is to add insulation sets of batteries.
Batteries at low temperatures, especially in sub-zero, its capacity is only a fraction of the normal, so in the morning if not start, you need a little so half a minute, but each time the ignition time of not more than 5 seconds, so that the battery in the low times under the high-current discharge capacity, damage to the battery. While also checking the electrode connector, a place to tighten loose, to clean up with corrosion. The best point of butter rubbed on the electrode to enhance the isolation of the bad environment.
Winter, the engine cooling system must do the cleaning work. Check the working condition of the thermostat to ensure that the thermostat works well to prevent the engine water temperature is too low or too high. If the engine is running constantly at a low temperature would lead to increased mechanical wear and tear.
Always wash the engine water jacket to remove the internal scale, in order to prevent the accumulation of excessive scale of the engine cooling. Such as the scale blocked drain switch, turn on the water does not result in a net. In addition, the temperature is too low and the conditions they permit, use antifreeze in the cooling system before use should be thoroughly cleaned, and should choose good quality, low-corrosive antifreeze, antifreeze transfer times to avoid mechanical and corrosion phenomenon.
Tire rubber will harden in the winter and relatively more brittle, the friction coefficient will decrease, so the tire pressure is not too high, but more can not be too low. Low external air temperature, tire pressure is too low, soft tires can seriously speed up aging. Always clean up the winter inclusion within the tread, try to avoid using make up more than once a tire, replace worn out larger and different patterns of different brands of tires. Different inside and outside tire wear, reducing wear and tear to ensure the safety, the tire should be replaced regularly to the position.
Wiper blades and other rubber products easier to aging, the proposed replaced once a year or replace rubber. Yu Xuetian safe driving in this is very important. Together with the wiper blades replaced and glass of water. Where irrigation water is the water storage tank, tank will freeze after the cracking.
In addition, the winter outdoor parking stall, the best kicks accelerator plus about 3000 rpm, the exhaust pipe of the water to drain as much as possible, so that is conducive to a smooth start the next day. Because the exhaust pipe of the water if not promptly drained the next day will have ice block, impede the exhaust, causing difficulty in starting, body shake, breathing and other problems.
Winter driving in the car standing need some of the necessary emergency items, including first-aid kit, flashlight, tow rope and the amount of spare antifreeze, glass of water. If you need long-distance driving, pay attention to choose the right route before departure and pay attention to weather forecasts, emergency preparedness in advance to ensure your peace of mind, safe and comfortable driving.
Chery is the maintenance of these experts in the cold winter sent close to our car maintenance reminder, and want to help your car to warm through the winter.
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