Thieves have towards plainclothes shout: you do

Disrelish ran to money too slow, economist black, black car theft lamps cable driver "success", three months turned up, more than 20 crazy crime profit more than 10 million yuan. Recently, the cable thieves were caught jiangning police.
Since September this year, jiangning university city been many cases of street lamp cable stolen case, the criminal suspect rampant just 3 months time commit crime more than 20 on, to the country left hundreds of thousands of dollars in economic losses.
Witnesses say the crime gimmick, the criminal suspect, he will be a special lamps cable connected to driving, rely on automobile power will be buried deep underground cable, then carried out DaoGe. And the criminal police found, this has certain anti reconnaissance capability, every time commit crime when driving cars are driven to turn off the lights, it becomes difficult to see the license plate.
According to the witnesses memories, only vaguely identify plate WeiHao as "get along well with". Hence, the police increase guard dynamics, and focuses on WeiHao as "get along well with" vehicles. Kung fu not too long, November 21 night patrol around ten o 'clock, plainclothes players found a car WeiHao as "get along well with" vehicles to south wide college direction, and didn't drive light, this is very similar to crime and vehicles. Hence, they then quietly follow up.
To a remote roadside, the car stopped down, down from above a 30 years old man, keep toward the roadside lamps cable box walked past. Patrol players to observe the man approached unexpectedly shout: "you is stem what of?" In order to avoid exposing identity, patrol players says he is around peasants to see vegetables how beds.
Upon hearing this, this man decided to lift cable box. Patrol police immediately conclude that this person would be booster cables thief, overtaking its tackled.
After scanning the examination, the man instructions facts of a crime. He surnamed zhu, 29, is anhui chuzhou. ZhuMou folk came to jiangning jobs, and soon cases. Having children, is good for nothing ZhuMou combined with the wife bought a car transport, on the one hand, used for kids to school, on the other hand he kartrider black car, money. However, the raffish ZhuMou spend too recklessly, also often drinking and gambling. Earlier this year, the wife couldn't stand ZhuMou is doing, and he was divorced.
Not a wife's bundle, ZhuMou play crazy, soon ran black car that bit of income had let his guts. August day evening, ZhuMou found someone in stealing lamps cables. Later, he went to FeiPinZhan a busybody, steal lamps cable can make thousands of dollars a day, so he also dozen have a steal lamps cable idea. From early September to be grasp, ZhuMou in jiangning university city wantonly theft lamps, more than 20 on, cable profit 10 million yuan.
At present, ZhuMou has been detained by criminal, this case is still in further investigation.






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