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Weak demand in the global PV module prices decline

According to the the IHS company's solar photovoltaic (PV) modules price tracking report, 9 the moonlight-volt modules price chain fell in all regions of the world, only the EU due to the appreciation of the euro against the dollar, while it seems unaffected.

Shipbuilding industry of the three major areas of the five major missions start "steering" strategy

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, the high-speed development of China's shipbuilding industry, the scale of the industry by leaps and bounds growth, significantly enhance its international status, the level of industrial technology and the comprehensive booster cables competitiveness has been greatly improved, but also accumulated a lot of contradictions and problems, and World shipbuilding powerhouse compared to the overall level and strength of China's shipbuilding industry is still a large gap between the main innovation is not strong, prominent structural contradictions, low industrial concentration, production efficiency and management needs to be improved: the marine equipment industry The slow development and slow the pace of development of marine engineering equipment.

Kitchen electric and home appliance market keywords: safety, high efficiency, the health

See cold weather, market but have not so cold. Instead, with hot function of heating appliances in shen city common sales hot. The expert warns customer, the choose and buy heating appliances should attach importance to the safe, efficient and healthy.


Nuclear power's two big plan will be implemented to

The national development and reform commission vice director, national energy board director LiuTieNan in January 10, 2011 annual meeting of the national energy work conference, said 2012 years will have issued a series on the energy development planning, including the nuclear security planning "and" the medium and long ratchet tie dowm term development of nuclear power adjustment planning ". Two of the planning for the next five to 10 years, China's nuclear power industry development, will therefore formulating issued and implement.


2012 the contract signed 1.2 billion tons of coal, coal nets railway three party power coal for the game

2012 annual key coal contract will collect before end in kunming. China's stock certificate report reporter from the channel is that, so far this year January 4, 2012 contract coal network summary has been completed now. According to preliminary statistics, 2012 key contract remit total of about 1.2 billion tons, than the national development and reform commission 834.6 million tons of the framework of the contracting 44%.


The solar energy company alliance called China enterprise double the investigation to withdraw proposal

By the us house of solar energy company "low-cost solar alliance" (CASE) 20, solar world company letter (SolarWorld), urged the government to take asked the U.S. China lost the solar panels impose punitive tariffs on the proposal. ratchet tie dowm Earlier, the ministry of commerce of China formally filed lose beautiful solar cells (board) for anti-dumping and countervailing investigation, this is China clean energy products in foreign trade relief from the first case investigation.


Breaking barriers to China's battery is imminent


Electric cars face run short, charging time long mileage "short" problem, China electronic chamber of commerce power professional committee deputy secretary general, lithium ion battery experts QianLiang countries the negativity has pointed out that China has had in a short time, such as lithium ion battery breakthrough new group application technology, and battery energy storage power supply system integration key technical bottleneck technology base, ratchet tie dowm "but these techniques are scattered in colleges and universities to, scientific research institutions and small and medium-sized enterprise hands between enterprises, formed an insurmountable barriers." How to break through the current "separate from each other, and repeat the dispersed of" pattern, has become the electric car power battery field urgent need to address the major issue.


The world's three major PV market in 2012 was planted a time bomb

   2011 coming to an end, although this year's PV market is not as stunning as last year's growth, but by virtue of the end of last year, the warmth and installed grab a small orgasm, 2011, various research institutions in the world PV market installed capacity of 21GW to 24GW , the previous year increased by about 30% clearance be thrilling. According to iSuppli's analysis of the data, Italy beat Germany's largest PV market this year. The top three global ratchet tie dowm PV market installed capacity in Italy, Germany,booster cables the United States, their installed capacity, respectively 6.9GW, 5.9GW, 2.7GW, the sum of three to 15.5GW!


Tianwei film photovoltaic "winter" to enterprise soft power construction

At present the debt crisis deepens, global photovoltaic market demand rapidly shrinking, pv modules and basic raw materials of polysilicon prices are diving, China photovoltaic industry is experiencing unprecedented "winter". As a leading enterprise of China film pv baoding tianwei the variable electrical Co., LTD, ratchet tie dowm a subsidiary of film photovoltaic Co., LTD is facing serious situation, but the products in the domestic market share up not down.


Unsatisfactory performance of new energy vehicle market behind the battery technology

   While our government for the new energy automotive industry issued a series of supporting policies, new energy vehicles in the pilot cities to promote, but market conditions are not satisfactory, the analysis that the new energy automotive battery technology bottleneck restricting the development of new energy vehicle market important factor.


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