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To create a CNC machine tool remanufacturing business

    Although ownership of the machine close to 700 million units, has become the world's largest machine tool to maintain state, but the overall level of machine is still relatively backward, many of the 20th century, booster cables 80 years before the product is still extended service, can not meet the requirements of precision .

Delphi leadership and promote the development of standardized wiring harness

    Data exchange format developed for the automotive universal standard is based on many reasons, not only because in recent years,booster cables automotive electrical and electronic components continues to increase, and the necessary number of design and development tools is also increasing. battery clip Since different stages of the project, a variety of different vendors and technologies exist, resulting in the development process at beam-line data compatibility issues.

Chongqing fire fight against massive flood disaster documentary

    Thunder and lightning, heavy rain, such as columns, monster flood four channeling. 3 to 4 August, Chongqing, parts of the case by a sudden rainstorm rare raid.
    Large rainfall, oncoming force of the fierce, scope, totally unexpected weight loss,booster cables landslides, roads were destroyed, houses were flooded and people trapped in the vehicle and other accidents occur frequently, people's lives and property threatened. The face of sudden disaster, Chongqing, police heard an emergency fire brigade strike,battery clip risking his own life, hunger and cold tolerance, selfless, continuous operations, take practical action to write one after another "people's fire for the people," the red life paean.


Too fast urbanization, economic development today is benevolent low-carbon model

    Humanity is the great turning point in history.

    2010 Shanghai World Expo will be held on the occasion, a time when human society is two great historical turning point: First, is the world's too fast development of urbanization; Second, booster cables is human is at the eve of the new technological revolution.


Hybrid electric vehicle battery is its biggest challenge

    Vehicle emission reduction has become the driving force behind the development of automotive electronics, with the increasing oil supply shortage and growing environmental pollution,booster cables electric cars such as electricity-powered vehicles, with its energy saving and environmental protection advantages of becoming a concern to the industry focus.

School: Looking for more ways to use solar energy mode

    Solar energy, as today a clean, energy saving, new energy and more effectiveness in the field of solar thermal and photovoltaic research has entered a new stage of development.booster cables With the deepening of the national energy saving and emission reduction, China's energy sector in the new breakthroughs and progress continues to become increasingly specific and real.


Automotive design and architecture of the nervous system of small diameter

    With the "complex" to describe today's car is nothing more appropriate word. booster cables Safety, handling, driver and entertainment is only dependent on electrical / electronic architecture part of the subsystem.

Miao Wei: peralatan industri manufaktur Cina telah melalui masa paling sulit

    Menurut Departemen Perindustrian dan Teknologi Informasi Miao Wei, wakil menteri pendahuluan, booster cables tiga pertama perempat dari keseluruhan operasi industri manufaktur peralatan stabil, pertumbuhan secara bertahap dipercepat, yang baru dan secara bertahap meningkat menjadi momentum yang baik dan menjadi pertama kali keluar dari krisis keuangan internasional, salah satu industri,battery clip peralatan sektor manufaktur tumbuh lebih cepat dari laju pertumbuhan nasional industri.

Dubai's debt crisis does not change the trend of China's economic rise

    In recent days, the Dubai sovereign debt crisis hit the global capital markets, A-share market was not spared,booster cables the market worried about the crisis in Dubai will make the world economy into recession in the second. Many experts believe that Dubai is just a localized crisis, crisis and recovery trends in the current round of the Chinese economy will not be terminated outside the local crisis.


State Grid titles and captured the national science and technology award for three consecutive years

    January 11, the National Science and Technology Awards Conference held in Beijing. "Real-time simulation of power system digital key technology research, development and application of devices," projects for the 2009 National Science and Technology Progress Award.booster cables This is the State Grid Corporation since 2007, the third consecutive first prize by the National Science and Technology Progress Award. The State Grid 5 projects also won the second prize.


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