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Dell's green business: environmental technology companies to King

    May 12, in order to fulfill its earlier proposal of "proper handling of electronic waste," the global policy,booster cables Dell, Round Rock, Texas City in the United States banned the export of electronic waste to developing countries, making this the world's first commitment to computer manufacturers.


Intelligent Transportation: IT technology to improve the urban traffic "mixed flow"

    Transport system as part of the city emergency command, emergency response management platform in the city played a significant role.

    IEEE Society (Electrical and Electronics Engineers) former Chairman,booster cables IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Proceedings of the publication edited by Professor Wang Feiyue, told reporters that the transport sector in the city emergency management platform in the position and role is extremely important.battery clip He said that many traffic accidents and even disaster sites, traffic accidents and disasters in many ways and means of implementation, the traffic is from the scene with the arrival of major accidents and disasters ways and means. Any emergency response, in particular,tow rope city emergency management platform, without the effective support of the transport sector, can only be empty words.


Xi admitted by metal industry usher in significant business opportunities in Wuhan

    For three consecutive years to participate in the China International Hardware Show, Wuhan metal boss Li Shiping ate three cold shoulder. Yesterday, the first time in 8 years to show Han breeze and warm invitation to his banquet business,booster cables including hundreds of hardware. Xi admitted by, as a guest today, after the largest show the former arrogant Christine, let Li Shiping rather surprised.


the transformation of fire protection systems.



    Less than one month of down time and space constraints of existing plant is in the project by ABB the biggest challenge. We will show this challenge into our value-added products, booster cables professional experience and opportunity management system. Within the time we succeeded in providing customers with the most efficient power generation system solutions, and minimizing the construction impact the normal operation of the customer.


Chinese-made electric car by turning the Copenhagen Climate Conference

    3 months ago, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, the United Nations Climate Change Conference although did not put all the participants unanimously adopted a climate agreement,booster cables but at least it changed the fate of a Chinese private enterprise - Electrical Equipment Technology Co., Yangzhou Kaiersimai company.


"Two sessions" have a low carbon environment guiding the hardware industry

     If you ask this year's "two sessions" were mentioned most of the hot words,booster cables "low-carbon green" is definitely one of them.


【News Focus】


     Aircraft hit the runway as much wonder how many of these incidents?

      Recently, the United Kingdom a sudden almost vertical glider crashed into the runway, fortunately, was the pilot survived, it has given us a little less frightened.booster cables Is a commonly used means of transport aircraft, aircraft losses caused by very big crash, serious injuries, this type of incident we are very sensitive but would not but Ti's , also hope to learn from our grasp Zhong from more of the essence.


NI and Tianjin Sino-German build "virtual instrument technology center"

    Recently, NI and Tianjin Sino-German Technical Institute to build a "Tianjin,booster cables China and Germany - the United States Centre for NI virtual instrumentation," Germany in Tianjin Vocational and Technical College held a grand signing ceremony. This is the NI over the years with the domestic institutions of higher learning and technical personnel, joint training of virtual instruments,battery clip the Higher vocational education institutions for the another important cooperation.


Automation technology for the mining safety escort

        - Combination of 3.28 mine, a few of the causes of coal mine safety and prevention

    Editor's Words: coal as one of our natural resources, growing to over-exploitation of a great deal of pressure on production safety.booster cables The past two years, although the national production safety more seriously mines on coal production enterprises of rectification, to a certain extent, curb the occurrence of mine. China repeatedly made the mine more than what the root cause? battery clip Technical questions or problems? By combining the State Administration of Work Safety spokesman Huang Yi talked about a number of reasons and the (industrial automation) industry, elaborated on several mine operations,tow rope safety and other issues.


Discern friend and foe: the primary marketing strategy to solve the problem

    "Who are our enemies? Who are our friends? This issue is the most important issue the revolution." This is Mao Zedong in the "all classes of Chinese society,"booster cables begins with that first sentence. Mao Zedong in 1925 wrote on the article,battery clip directly after the 20 years of the Chinese revolution to the "encircling the cities" and laid the ideological foundation for the strategic roads.


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