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Wenzhou money War: 60 billion government loan-guarantee stable demand

   This year, SMEs in Wenzhou, private loans debt crisis triggered by the intensified and Wenzhou, the local government has already taken positive steps to support SME credit. ratchet tie dowm Wenzhou City Finance Office, according to relevant sources, the end of September, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the government submitted to "require the applicant on the loan and then asked the Financial Stability", by the provincial government to come forward and apply for financial stability to the People's Bank of refinancing $ 60 billion. period of one year, specifically to support the banking institutions in Wenzhou financing to increase the size of enterprises in difficulty, to prevent systemic risks and safeguarding the local financial stability. Yesterday, Bank of Ningbo,booster cables said an additional 1 billion yuan of special funds, the more the economy with wind and rain and Ou, and closely aligned with the industry in Wenzhou.


Three new rural electrification activation of village production

    Recently, the Zhejiang Sanmen County, Po village forests to the town purchased a new wall-mounted LCD TV and a computer, he happily told reporters: the new rural ratchet tie dowm electrification so that these appliances can use comfortably, and his family can stay aware of world affairs.


Energy conservation no longer follow the "old-style assault"

   "Five" the first year has been more than half, but China's energy saving task is not easy. Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the completion of the first half of a barometer of energy-saving goals, through analysis and comparison of various regions of the Year and the "second five" goals and tasks identified throughout the warning level. Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Henan, Hainan, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, eight regional early warning grade level, compared with a quarterly forecast, there are five areas to improve early warning levels, energy situation is very grim.


"Second five" plan to finalize the environmental protection industry meet great opportunity

   The morning of July 19, Premier, the national response to climate change and energy conservation, the group leader Wen Jiabao chaired a national response to climate change and energy conservation, leading group meetings, and agreed in principle to consider "second five" by row of a comprehensive work program, and energy-saving target decomposition scheme, the main pollutant emission control plan, deployment-related research work.ratchet tie dowm The meeting called to promote the key areas of energy conservation, including energy to focus on the advanced industrial production capacity and eliminate backward production capacity.


Crack power shortage: Coal should accelerate the pace of integration

  Benefited from the relatively abundant coal reserves and the "foreign income Lu," the support, energy consumption in Shandong province this year, a record peak electricity load default despite repeated, but there was the phenomenon of power cuts, while some provinces are still Southern Power Grid in a "shortage" of them. How to crack in many places year after year there's "power shortage" problem, as the energy security of China's reality of a problem.


Expert views: panel prices rebounded this year of hopelessness

LGDisplay in don't flash type 3 D panel market in China is extremely high, but calls 8.5 generation line panel process slowed his steps. LG guangzhou 8.5 generation line project of the starting ceremony on August 30, to be held, lead to the sound of a guess. Recently, LGDisplay public relations vice ratchet tie dowm President from the autumn is the hot spot of the panel industry and accepted the interview of our reporter.


Drive new opportunities for our industry to look forward to high growth industries

      Inverter is widely used in the production of power electronic devices, driven to protect the production of integrated circuits, electrical transmission and system control technology, as the country gradually in the capital, the policy on the construction of the tilt of things and support the drive or to get rid of the current bottleneck, ushered in the course of development of another spring.


Chin cupping 8% of burns caused by security operations need to be cautious

   September 1, 2011 at 2 pm, singer Chyi Chin at home to do cupping health, because health-care division improper operation by the fire burns Chin back, back, face, torso severe burns. Was immediately rushed to the hospital, after treatment, at present no longer life threatening, and conscious. In this regard, ratchet tie dowm the brokerage said in a statement Chin suspended due to burns, performing work on the scheduled work program set manufacturers and apologize. Chin burns caused by fire at home care, need to pay attention to fire safety. Here to spread the knowledge about home fire safety:


China's urgent need to break clean energy industry development financing bottleneck

    Clean energy industry is becoming China's new economic growth point, but because of the development time is short and the "high input, high-risk" characteristics, the development of clean energy in the process still faces many constraints. One of the most prominent is the limited availability of financing, there is a huge gap in the supply of funds. Experts say that China's current multi-level financial market system and the energy service system has not been formed, many clean energy companies in the capital market financing is almost empty, and therefore the effective use of project financing, development financing for clean energy sources, increase the banks clean credit support to the energy industry, ratchet tie dowm and continuously meet the clean energy industry development funding needs, to ensure sustainable development of industry.


Single-phase transformer urban lighting electricity saving new system

Low voltage distribution system in China is widely used in three-phase system. In the low voltage distribution network, is now widely used "small capacity, densely point, short radius of the power supply, the way" power supply mode could decrease the low voltage distribution network line loss. The use of single-phase ratchet tie dowm transformer is the important way to implement this power supply, but also measures and single-phase transformer substation, power distribution and single-phase techniques have been listed as our country key recommend electricity saving technology.


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