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Industrial applications as 3G operators in style all their own blue ocean to seek differentiation

    Today, industrial applications have become the blue ocean 3G market, focus on industrial applications has also become the operator of the general consensus.
    On the one hand, industrial applications can effectively enhance the structure of 3G high-end customers; the other hand, 3G high data transmission products can also be effective in promoting the development of industrial applications.booster cables This article will compare the analysis of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom 3G industry application of the overall competitive situation, product development, and strategic plan in 2011 and specific industry applications 3G marketing initiatives.


Sanmen Bay Electric: new round of development to create the first brand of terminal

    Trademark and brand is a reflection of the competitiveness of a business, trademarks, brand is a city, a region of the "gold card."

    Since the "Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property" Eleventh Five-Year "development plan" was unveiled, and brand building has become the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, booster cables the Government's important work. Focused in Jiangsu Province during the trademarks of planning ideas and economic development, social development plan, focusing on the implementation of the trade mark and select a group of planning good momentum of development, battery clip has a certain influence on the business as a brand.


Energy-saving and new energy vehicles will soon introduce a development plan

    Experts believe that purely electric cars will become an important direction of development, will become a mainstream power lithium batteries.

    New energy vehicles is coming, and coming to us is accelerating. Reporter learned from relevant state ministries, booster cables energy saving and new energy automotive industry development planning and package of support policies - the "energy saving and new energy vehicle development plan (2011-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as "planning") has been completed, is to all relevant ministries for comments, will be finalized this month and submitted to State Council for consideration, such as consideration of adoption, the fastest implementation is expected during the year.


Acid battery Applications Overview and future development

    Central themes:

    Major categories of lead-acid batteries.
    The future development of lead-acid batteries.
    After a lead-acid battery development and improvement of over a hundred years has become a widely used chemical power, booster cables has a good reversibility, voltage characteristic smooth, long life, wide application and abundant raw materials (and renewable use) and cost low and so on. Mainly used in transportation, communications, electric power, railway, mining, ports,battery clip defense, computer, research and other economic fields, production and business activities of society and human life, an indispensable product.


Security holy canon spring travel worry-free driving guide

    4 vehicles during the spring not to take:

    1, do not take the undocumented, unlicensed vehicles.

    2, do not take no spring permit vehicles.

    3, do not take the overloading, speeding vehicles.


Testo won the "Energy Saving Recommended technology products," the honorary title


   January 20, from Shanghai Energy Conservation Information Network and other units for the "2010 Shanghai summit and exchange energy industry launch energy efficiency through train" a success.
    From government agencies,booster cables industry experts, key energy units, energy technology and energy industry service companies and other parties on behalf of more than 300 industry leaders gathered together in the new year to carry out a spectacular exchanges. At this event, battery clip Germany plans energy-saving test equipment recommended by the 2010 annual energy efficiency technologies (products) the title of the award by the Shanghai energy saving technology transfer services, Shanghai recommend energy-saving technology and product development alliance, jointly promulgated the Shanghai Energy Conservation Information Network .


Instrument is the product of a variety of integrated science and technology

    Instrument is the product of a variety of integrated science and technology, variety, widely used, and constantly updated, there are several classification methods. According to the purpose and use points.
    Main measuring instrument, automobile instrument, tractor meters, marine instrument, aviation instrumentation,booster cables navigation equipment, driving equipment, radio test equipment, microwave test equipment carrier, geological exploration test equipment, construction materials testing equipment, seismic testing equipment, land surveying equipment, hydrological equipment, timing equipment, agricultural testing equipment, commercial test equipment, teaching equipment, medical equipment, environmental equipment and so on.


Automotive electrical and electronic industry development trend forecast

   1, electronic content is becoming saturated, according to some manufacturers estimate that the average non-hybrid vehicle electrical and electronic components and software costs did not increase, the cost is likely to remain in the vehicle 20% to 25%.

Gabriel electrical and hydraulic Group R & D to be an intellectual framework for circuit breakers

    Baili Electric Hydraulic Group controlling shareholder intends to jointly develop new products and intelligent framework for circuit breakers, the total project investment of 2,140 million yuan, the company invested 1,200 million;booster cables hydraulic Group invested 9.4 million yuan. Meanwhile, the company plans to sell 3,260 million to the hydraulic Group idle equipment.


Eco-efficient buildings - the perfect fusion of art and technology

    Huge building energy consumption and increasing damage to the environment has drawn increasing public attention, building ecological energy also will become an important task.
    Government advocacy, policy development, media campaigns, for a time, some words appear frequently in our line of sight, booster cables such as: ecological building, energy efficient buildings, green building, high-tech construction, intelligent building and a series of words have changed get familiar with it. All of these terms to analyze the nature, can be summed up by two points: the high comfort and low power consumption. The current construction market, this real high-low-power products are extremely rare comfort, most products are in the use of various terms for speculation, only one or two high on a simple assembly, and then advertises itself as eco-efficient buildings,battery clip so the market is mixed, hard to distinguish. So, what is the real eco-efficient buildings? What can be done to create a high level of eco-efficient buildings?


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